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21st May Thursday

Hello everyone! It's nearly Half Term. Tomorrow is an INSET day, so  enjoy the time with your family. Mrs Clay will put up an optional Science task, but otherwise enjoy  Half Term! You've worked hard :-) I shall be adding examples of work to the Home Gallery today, so do check back there later today to see some of the great things you and your friends have all been doing.

I have left a blog post up today for you to write a half term message to your friends. I will aim to go on every hour or so throughout the day to approve any new posts. Try to go on if you can, as it is lovely for all our friends in class to see a message from you.

Here is your Big Writing feedback from last week (also added as an attachment if you wish to view it more clearly):



Today is times tables day! Revise a times table you know you need to work on. Some of you may appreciate a harder challenge as attached below. Or Purplemash Times Tables 2Do are still up this week for multiplication, for those that have not done them yet. Or  log in to Times Tables Rockstars :-)

White Rose returns to addition today:

White Rose Teaching Video Addition 3 -digit numbers

Please see the attached worksheets below to accompany the video. Watch the video if you need to consolidate your learning in this area.

I've also attached a challenge emoji code sheet, which covers methods of calculations tackled this week. Some of you may enjoy that. Answers are also included on the same attachment, and there are 3 levels of difficulty (so 6 sheets of paper overall) so be careful if you decide to print anything.


L.O. I can record a news report

Using the guidance of the speaking frame  yesterday and the work you have done this week, develop and rehearse your news report, then when you are ready perform it (recording if possible - present the facts and any willing witnesses are a bonus). If your parents are happy for any finished  video reports to go on the website, then please send them though to as I'm sure you would enjoy seeing your friends. 


Design Technology

Can you design and make your own space station, like the International Space Station? Or perhaps a space telescope, like Hubble? Maybe you could have a go with lego and paper? Or use junk modelling like kitchen rolls? I've attached some pictures to get your creative cogs working.

Find out more about the International Space Station

Find out about the Hubble Space Telescope - click here