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21. Monday 18th May

Spelling test- please complete your child's spelling test with them and mark answers together at the end.

Writing- SPaG. Choose a SPaG mat to complete from the attachment below. There are 3 levels of difficulty. Please start with 2 or 3 stars and see how your child gets on. If they are struggling you may then choose to complete the 1 star instead.

Maths- worksheet at bottom of page

PE- complete a Joe Wicks workout or other appropriate form of exercise. You may choose to use this time to go for a walk as a family.

Music- Listen to 'Fur Elise'. Then complete the sheet attached below to show how the song made you feel. You may write/ draw/ show your feelings in whatever way you like. Alternatively, choose a piece of music your child enjoys from another genre e.g. rock. On a blank piece of paper your child should make marks along with how they feel the music moves. For example they might make small squiggles on quiet/fast parts or long bold lines for loud sections of the music. It might look quite scribbley but it is allowing the children to express themselves.