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2.Tuesday 21st April

Good Morning, please share our story 'The Very Messy Mermaid' with the children before they start their English today. Click here:     Video of Story 

English- Write a character profile about Twinkletail, use the template below in the attachments. Here is an image below of the characters. If you finish you can do a character profile of Mum and Dad too (optional). 

Mathematics- White Rose Mathematics. Can you go back to Week 1-Lesson 1- Make equal parts. That is the beginning of the Fractions topic. Apologies for starting in the wrong place yesterday! 

Link to White Rose Website

Sorry if anyone couldn't access the video on White Rose yesterday, when I emailed them they said they had a 75% increase on their website. If this happens again the video can be accessed on their facebook page; 'Year 2- White Rose Maths Home Learning'. Thank you if you contacted me about this! 

RE- Look at the PowerPoint Jesus. Think about the special news the women told the disciples. What words do you think they used and how do you think they felt?  Role play the story ‘Jesus has Risen’ with little figures, think about how the disciples would have been feeling to hear this news. 


If you want to do writing about this use the newspaper template and write an article called Jesus is risen! Describing the event. 

Music- Listen to Save the Bees by Lau on YouTube. Use the sheet below to write/ draw/ describe how it made you feel and what you liked/disliked. (This is an optional task, I will add a Music task to a Monday normally, you can always come back to this later in the week if you have time). 

You Tube link

There are two copies below of the attachments one in word and one in PDF. I know some of you are having trouble opening word so hopefully this will help. 

Any questions please email me at

I will also add the new spellings to spelling shed by the end of today it is on my to do list.

Mrs Osborn