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2.Tuesday 12th May

Good Morning, 

This week we are going to be finding out about sea animals from the Great Barrier Reef, we are going to research them and make a booklet in English. 

Today I would like the children to look at the PowerPoint 'What Am I?' Play the PowerPoint in presetation mode, there will be 3 descriptions for each animals and the children need to see if they can guess what it is. 

After that get them to choose 3 or 4 of the sea animals they like and write down the facts about them from the PowerPoint. See attachment below for the PowerPoint. This will start them on their research which they will add to later in the week. 

Mathematics today is comparing lengths sheet, I will send this through as an email like I did last week with the maths sheets for the week with the video links on too. Video Link

RE- Find all the words in the passage that tell how the friends of Jesus felt. Circle the sad ones in blue, circle the happy ones in red. Make up a short prayer thanking Jesus for sending the Holy Spirit, sharing joy and happiness.  See attachment below 'God's Story 84-85'. Maybe you could use some of the words you highlighted in your prayer. How did you feel before the Holy Spirt and how do you feel now you know it is here? 

Remember May is Our Lady's Feast day, please offer your prayers to Mary this month (not for today's task but in your everyday prayers). I have put a copy of the Hail Mary below in the attachments. Remind your self of the prayer and see if you can memorise it. Perhaps you could make an alter in your home? See creating a Mary Alter PowerPoint to get ideas. I will create one at school today with the children and post a photo of it on here. 

Enjoy your day, 

Mrs Osborn