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Good morning, 

Please join me on teams at 8:40 to say good morning and explain the work today. I will show you how to make the numbers using tens and ones for today's Mathematics lesson. 

Phonics- Today we are learning the split vowel digraph 'u-e' Click here to see the video. 

Mathematics- Today we will be looking at tens and ones (within 50). This is a practical activity. The children will need long counters, you could use pasta, cocktail sticks, straws, anything else you could think of and counters for the ones. Or even just different coloured counters for the tens and ones. In school we used long tens and cube one counters. Please use the sheets below to create the numbers. 

Alternatively you can build the numbers on this website Click here

Please join Mrs Hadley teams at 11am to explain the English work. She will be reading the story 'The Aliens are Coming' by Colin McNaughton. I have attached the sheets to go with the lesson below. 

Please join me on teams at 12:40 for star of the day and to explain the work for this afternoon. 

Topic- Today in Topic we will be creating a timeline about the events we have learnt about in space. I have chosen 4 cards for the children to order in chronological order. Remember when reading the dates we say19-42. Place all the 19.. cards together as these come first then put the 20.. cards together. This will help you order them. 

ComputingClick here to see the Power Point video for today's lesson. We will be using all our knowledge of keeping safe online to make a flap book to help Zibb to keep safe online. Print out Online flap book and choose a star of the level you want to do. You only need to print out the pages of that star. 

Have a lovely day, 

Mrs Osborn