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Good Morning Year 1, 

Please join me on Teams at 8:40

Phonics today is the split digraph ' a-e'. Click here to see the video.

Mathematics today is 'related facts'. Click here to see the Power Point video from Mrs Hadley. The sheets are attached below. 

Please join me on teams at 11am, I would like to share a video with the children from our CCTV at school. I need their help to think of words to describe what they see. Click here to see the video

This afternoon is Topic and Computing. Please join me on teams at 12:40 to explain the work. I will read the story about Laika the astronaut. 

Topic is about Laika the astronaut. After I have read the story I would like the children to make up an ending about where Laika ended up. They can show me through drawing a picture of where they think the dog ended up and writing a sentences or labelling the picture. 

Computing- Today we are learning to keep our personal information safe online. Please have the cards ready printed out below, ' All about me'  and 'Safe or Share'. You will need these to sort during the video. Click here to see the Power Point video. 

As part of Mental Health week I would like the children to think about today 'What makes them feel good?'. This is linked to the theme of expressing themselves. There is a short video for the children to watch from BBC about feeling happy click here to watch it. Could you take a photo of your child doing something that makes them feel good.  Please email me your picture at  .I would love to make all these photos into a lovely display for when the children come back to school. 

Have a lovely day, any questions please email me at

Mrs Osborn