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2. Tuesday 9th June 2020

It's Tuesday- I hope you all enjoyed some home learning yesterday. It was great to hear from so many of you about your plans to contact someone in Year 5 this week. You have some lovely ideas. If you haven't thought of something already, then it's not too late, get your thinking cap on!

Before you start working this morning click here to see if you recognise anybody.

English- let's start the day by looking at our spellings for this week. I have added the powerpoint at the bottom of the page and the words are on Spelling Shed for you to practice. I have also added a word search of the spelling words if you would like to use it. When I added our spelling words I noticed that we are second in the leagues! We need to get back to the top Year 5.

Attached at the bottom of the page is a play script and some questions. Read the script out loud, you could get some people in your family to join in. When you have read the script answer the questions. 

Next look at the powerpoint so that you understand the features of a play script. Then in the middle of your page draw a circle and write features of a play script inside it. Around your circle list all the features that you can remember from the powerpoint. If you need to look back, watch it again!

Maths- let's start with some tables practice. Again I have put 40 questions for you to complete. This week we are using the inverse and the questions are using division.

Your main maths task today is to look at  your understanding of thousandths. Watch the video first to develop your maths skills- click here.

Have a good day of learning- look at all the afternoon activities that you could try, be creative, try something new!