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2. Tuesday 9th June

1. St. Ives

Objective: can you find out about St Ives? Watch this short video about St. Ives. Then watch it again but this time make notes on the St Ives word web. You should write about 6 things that you can do or places you can see when you visit St. Ives. This information will help you make your booklet later on in the week so think carefully about what you want to include!

2. Maths

Slides 21-25 on Monday's powerpoint. Use similar questions to yesterday to discuss how to recognise notes, what colour are they? Are they the same size? If you have real money it would be great to use as demonstration.

Activity: Complete as much of the 3 'recognising notes' sheets as possible in 30 mins.


Choose an activity to complete from the page below.

Holy Family whole school learning projects

Homework: spelling words