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2. Tuesday 30th June 2020

Happy Tuesday to you all- are you doing anything fun today? What have you got planned from our school project?

Let's start today by looking at our spellings for this week. Our words all have the suffix -ive. I have added the words to Spelling Shed. The powerpoint for our spelling words is attached at the bottom of the page. 

We are going to read the second part of Chapter 6 of the Firework Maker's Daughter. To read it along with me- click here.

Task 1- In your book answer these questions. Explain your answers as fully as you can.

Can you find a quotation to describe Lila’s feelings?
Why was Lila’s heart ‘beating like a bird caught in a net’?
Why are there –  (dashes) in Lila’s speech when she addresses the King?
Can you find words to describe the difficult journey back?
Do you think the King’s decision is fair? Why or why not?
Is Lila faced with a dilemma or a challenge?

Task 2- -ing Openings!
Lila begins to describe her idea to her father, with ‘Supposing...’
Can you think of 6 more -ing words to open sentences of your own? Write 6 sentences that begin in this way.

Task 3- Lila and Lalchand must design a spectacular firework display to save Lalchand’s life.
Design a fabulous firework to help them. Draw a detailed, labelled sketch and explain how it works.

For your maths this morning, start by answering 40 tables questions. The questions are attached below. For your main maths tasks today you are going to learn how ot draw lines and measure angles accurately- click here to watch a video. I have added some challenge cards at the bottom of the page to extend your learning. Have a go at some of them!