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2. Tuesday 23rd June 2020

Good morning Year 5- I hope you are all fit and well and raring to go this morning. If I was doing the register, I hope you would all give a cheery good morning back to me!

It's time for a new list of spellings. The powerpoint is attached at the bottom of the page and I have added the words to spelling shed. We will be using the suffix -ful. I hve good news for a Tuesday morning- Alena has managed to get us back to the top of the spelling shed league, what a superstar! Let's keep it up.

For your main task today I would like you to look closely at the words used in The Magic Box by Kit Wright. In the poem he uses lots of contrasts and opposites to create a poetry picture for us. What does a phrase like ‘rumbling belly’ or a compound word like ‘broomstick’ bring to mind? What are their associations? We call these connotations.  ‘Broomstick’ is a good place to start being, literally, the stick to which a broom is attached. However, the first thing we think of in connection with a broomstick is, probably, a witch. Then we might think of characters like Cinderella sweeping up. Unlike definitions connotations cannot be pinned down – a ‘rumbling belly’ might mean hunger to one person, indigestion to another. Pick some of Kit Wright's phrases in the poem and write down all the things that you associate with that phrase. I have attached a list of some of the phrases he uses.

Finally, use the resource that says "Match the Words" and create some of your own interesting phrases by matching words from the different columns on the sheet.

For your maths today, start with 40 tables questions. I have given you a mixture of multiplication and division. Your main maths task today is to subtract decimals with different numbers of places- click here to watch the video. The resources are at the bottom of the page.

This afternoon try one of the DT challenges. We are going to try and make a boat that floats and can support 10 1p coins for at least 10 seconds. I have some equipment ready for our challenge, including plastic wrap, plastic straws, paper cups, masking tape and pennies. I look forward to seeing any DT challenge that you complete.