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2. Tuesday 21st April

Good morning Year 5,

I hope you all enjoyed your first day back to virtual school. Just a quick reminder that in the morning you MUST complete maths and English tasks, they are all laid out for the week on the previous page. Any resources you need are at the bottom. 

Today we are going to start The Firework -Maker's Daughter. On the previous page I have put a link so that we can read the story together. In the resources section at the bottom of the page you will find a copy of the book that I have scanned for you, if you need it.

Once you have finished your morning tasks choose tasks from the Topic Plan on the previous page. I have added some music tasks from Mrs James that you could use to be creative.

Some of you have asked if you can complete some more tasks in your Art Challenge booklet, of course you can! I would love to see some of the things you have done.

Have a lovely day and work hard.

Mrs O'Neil