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2. Tuesday 16th June 2020

Good morning- this is Tuesday. Tuesday motivation is:

Remember try to do some exercise today- maybe try something different. We have a swingball in the garden, I am going to practice my moves (which are not very good).

English- let's look at our spellings  for this week. The spellings for this week all have the prefix over-. I have added them to spelling shed to help you to practice.

Instructions use imperative verbs, often as a sentence starter. Watch the powerpoint about imperative verbs- attached below. your task today is to make a board game for Year 1 to show them how to use imperative verbs. Remember your imperative verb is the bossy verb and must come first. I have attached an example at the bottom. You can draw the game out in your book, make one on the computer or use a piece of card. Have fun and be creative. 

Maths- start with some tables questions- I have used the inverse again this week and we are using division. 

Click here to watch our video for today- you will be learning about percentages as fractions and decimals. The worksheets for you to develop your learning are attached at the bottom of the page.