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2. Tuesday 14th July

1. Phonics- please follow lesson 22 on our phonics page

2. Plan your own story about Katie Morag

Use your writing from last week (character profile and setting description) to plan a story about Katie Morag. Think about the other characters who could be in the story (Mum and Dad McColl, Liam, Fabbydoo, Granny Island, Granny Mainland) and think about the places on the island that Katie will visit.

The beginning of your story MUST HAVE A PROBLEM, whick Katie will solve at the end of the story. So get imaginative! Use the template and word mat below to help you.

3. Maths 

Look at slides 17-23. Then complete the ordering numbers sheet PAGE 3.

Play this game to end your lesson


Choose an activity to complete from the page below.

Holy Family whole school learning projects