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2. Tuesday 14th July

Good Morning Year 2, 

Today in mathematics please look at the slides 'Lesson 2-Find durations of time' then complete the worksheet 'Find duration of time'. Please complete pages 3 and 4. If you want to try the problem solving and reasoning cards on page 5, then please do. 

In English today I would like the children to plan a story about Katie Morag. It will be titled 'Katie Morag and the Seaside'. I have attached a word mat and a story board to go with this. The children can use all their knowledge from our topic of seaside to help them write the story. 

When planning the story:

  • At the beginning of the story the children should introduce the character and the setting, the work they did last week will help with this. Use lots of description to describe both. 
  • In the middle of the story the children need to make up a problem that might happen when Katie is at the seaside. 
  • At the end of the story the problem will be resolved. 

This afternoon please choose a task from the Whole School Learning page. 

Mrs Osborn