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2. Tuesday

Good Morning Year 2,

For Mathematics today we are going to do the sheet 'Making equal groups- sharing'. Please watch the video here Video Link. If you want a challenge when you have finished then try the 'Year 2 diving into mastery...' activity cards attached below and try the deeper and deepest activity cards. 

In English this week we are going to be writing postcards from the seaside in the past. So we will be using History in our English lessons.

Please watch this Magic Grandad clip from Youtube click here.  He goes back in time to the seaside in the past. I have also uploaded a seaside fact file for more information about the seaside in the past. I would like the children to make notes about what the seaside was like in the past. What do they notice about it? What is a bathing machine? What did people do on the beach? What is different to now? What is the same?

Please complete a whole school learning task for this afternoon. 

Hope to see you all then, 

Mrs Osborn