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2. Tuesday

Good Morning, 

Phonics today is the alternative sound for the grapheme 'ie' as in 'f-ie-l-d'. 

Click here to see the Letters and Sounds video. 

Please join me on Teams at 8:40 to explain this morning's Mathematics work. 

Mathematics- Today we will be building on the work from yesterday and ordering numbers within 50. You need to count the amounts in each group, then order the totals. Some of you will be using the comparison symbols to order your numbers, look closely to see if you are ordering from smallest to greatest or from greatest to smallest. 

Please join me on Teams at 11 to explain today's English work. 

Click here to listen to Mrs Hadley reading our book this week 'The Magic Paintbrush'  by Julia Donaldson.  Make sure you do this before our Teams call. Using the worksheets below 'Blue and Green English Worksheet Tuesday' or 'Red, Yellow and Orange Worksheet Tuesday'. Depending on your child's English colour group.

The children will be writing in the thought bubbles about how the characters are feeling. At the end of the sheet they will be writing a sentence to explain how the character is feeling and why. 

Please join me on Teams at 12:40 to explain this afternoon's work

This afternoon the children will be finding out where the countries we are studying are on a map of Asia. Use Google Earth to help you locate them on the map. I will try and share my screen to show you how to do this. 

 Click here to go to Google Earth. Click 'Launch Earth'. In the search icon type in:

  • Japan
  • China
  • India

Once you have found them on Google Earth write the names of the countries on the map of Asia which was in your pack. If you want to find and write down other countries in Asia on your map feel free to. If you zoom out you will be able to see Asia as a whole continent which might help labelling your map. 

I will be on Teams at 14:00 and 14:15 to hear Monday's groups read. 

Have a great day, 

Mrs Osborn