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2. Tuesday

Good Morning, 

Please join me on teams at 8:40 to say good morning and for me to do a short input for phonics. 

Today in phonics we will be looking at the 'o' sound and finding out about the alternative sound. For example the 'o' in  h-o-t or c-o-l-d. Like yesterday we will be sorting cards to find the different 'o' sounds. Please see the attachment below. 

In English today we are going to be listening to the story 'The Great Race'. Click here to watch the story.

I would like the children to retell the story using the puppets template (these are in your new pack and I have attached them below so you know what to look for), cut out the characters and put them on lolly sticks or straws (if you have any) to turn them into finger puppets. Play the story from Cbeebies as to help you retell it at first and then see if you can retell it without the story narrative. 

Can you remember the first animal to cross the river first? When you have finished can you put the animals in the correct order they crossed the river? Take a photo of this. Which animals crossed the river at the same time?

If you want an extension task to do place the sequencing cards in the correct order, you can used the order of the animals to help you.  This will help you with tomorrow's work where we will be retelling the story.

Please join Mrs Hadley on Teams at 11am to explain today's Mathematics work. 

 You will need: Whiteboards and pens  and your print outs of different numbers and comparison signs  > < = or more than/less than/equal to word cards.

Please join me on Teams at 12:40 for today's star of the day and to find out about this afternoon's work

This afternoon, we are learning about the 7 continents of the world. In your pack you have some maps, we will be using the world map and then the puzzle (the Asia map is for next week). 

Click here to learn the names of the continents of the world as a song.  Click on the attachment below 'World Map with Names...' to help you label your map. Remember to use the word bank to spell the continent name correctly and use a capital letter as it is a name. 

Once you have finished labelling there is a world map puzzle for you to cut and stick. Make sure you use the map you have just labelled to help you put the continents in the right place.  

Chinese Zodiac Animal Character Formation

If you want an extra task to do this afternoon, I have attached a Power Point of how to write the names of the Chinese zodiac animal characters in Chinese Symbols. See if you can find the animal of your year of birth and draw that Chinese symbol. Send me a picture and see if I can guess what animal your year of birth is.

Have a lovely day, 

Mrs Osborn and Mrs Hadley