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2. Tuesday

Good Morning Year 1, 

Please join me on teams at 8:40 to explain today's work. I will explain this morning's work and do an example of the Maths for the children. 

I am unable to join onto teams at 11am today as I am in class by myself this morning. 

In phonics our sound today is the 'ph' sound Click here

In English this week we are going to be writing a poem about the dark. I will read a book to the children and I whilst they are listening to the story I would like them to collect words about the dark. Click here to listen to the story. They might be words about the dark they think about when they are listening to the story. How does your child feel about the dark? 

The children could then go somewhere dark or make a dark den to think and write down words to describe the dark. I am happy for parents to write these down to create a word bank for the poems tomorrow.  See word bank attached to record the words onto. 

In Mathematics we will be subtracting crossing ten. Click here to see Power Point Video. It is very similar to yesterday's lesson as the children can use the tens frame to support working out the answer. It would be really helpful if they had one tens frame counters in one colour or object and the second tens frame in a different colour/ object. This will really help them to see visually how many is subtracted to make ten.  Like last week's addition lesson, they need to work out how many they subtract to ten then work out the remainder. Please complete the sheet according to the group your child is in. These sheets should be in your child's pack that you picked up on Thursday/Friday. 


Please join me on teams at 12:40 to explain this afternoons work

Topic- Today in Topic we will be finding out about the British astronaut Tim Peake  and the Internation Space Station (ISS). Click here to watch a story time from Space from Tim Peake from the ISS. 

I would like the children to find out about Tim Peake and the international Space Station. Watch this Power Point video about Tim Peake click here, at the end are questions for you child to find out. Please use Kiddle as a search engine. 

Things to find out: 

When can you see the International Space Station? 

What does it look like inside?

How do astronauts sleep, eat and go to the toilet? 

How can you apply to be an astronaut? 

Here are some videos on You Tube from Chris Hadfield to help with the answers: 

Sleeping in Space

Cleaning Teeth in Space

Space Food

Make a poster about the International Space Station and include what it looks like, how do astronauts sleep, eat and go to the toilet. Any any other interesting information you find out about. You can draw pictures or print pictures from the Internet. 

I will save computing for tomorrow as the RE session is shorter than today's topic. 

Have a lovely day, 

Mrs Osborn