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19th May Tuesday

Good morning everyone! At home, we now have butterflies as pets for a day or two, before we release them. Ryder, Harvey, Spread, Doggy and Roarus have emerged and are getting acquainted with their habitat and spreading their wings.

I am in school today, so sadly there will be no blog. However, hot off the press is that Flynn Gibson from Australia will be joining us on our blog tomorrow (Wednesday at 10am). Flynn happened to be there when the Space Bat Angel Dragon was hurtling towards Earth, so he should be able to tell us all about it. Get your questions ready for Flynn tomorrow! If you're needing witness statements about a news event, maybe the events at school in March, then you could pop onto the teacher's blogs and ask them tomorrow?  You could ask me on the blog I'm hosting with Flynn as well, as I've got lots of opinions on how I felt that March day! We would love to see you there, and it'd be great for Flynn to hear your amazing questions for him!

Anyway, back to today.


Spelling Test is available on Spelling Shed. See how you get on. You could always get someone to test you. Look at last Wednesday's page for the words to be tested on, if you're not sure. Good luck!


L.O. I can include facts in a news report

This week is a speaking and listening task (instead of working towards a Big Write, you're working towards a Big Talk!). Today you will focus on the facts of an event you are reporting on and ensure you are completely familiar with that part of the story/event. 

This week’s task is producing a TV news report linked to the events in the Iron Man OR reporting on a topical event (see point 4 below for more information).

Your Actions:

  1. Watch a TV news report of your choice – Click here for Newsround     What do you notice?
  2. Choose which part of the Iron Man story you want to report on – just choose one part (see below). 
  3. Write a list of at least 5 facts about the event. 
  4. OR if you want it to be more topical, you can choose to report on another news story. Prepare your facts on an event that happened, i.e. our last day properly together (for the time being!) in March and the reasons why .
  5. After  you can role play reporting the facts as newsreaders.You are to present / record the News Report on Thursday. See some tips below. Tomorrow, we will be adding eye witness reports. Come along to the blog to get some quotes and ask your questions. You could also ask your family, if they know the Iron Man story!


Please watch the teaching video to ensure you are secure with all teaching concepts.

Click here for Video White Rose Add 2 digit and 3 digit, crossing 10 or 100


  1. See White Rose worksheets below.
  2. Or, if you want to get active, the same as yesterday's, get someone to print off the Maths alternative, cut the question up, and place them around your home or garden. Can you answer them all? Answers provided as well for your helper. Can you beat the time you've set yourself?

History - find out more about Space in History. Look at the powerpoint attached below. This week includes the first Briton that visited Space, Helen Sharman. There's more about robots in Space and the first Space Station, including the current Space Station, the International Space Station. Research today and maybe draw your own version or colour the International Space Station as attached, labelling if you choose. Later in the week (or look on Thursday if you're keen!) I challenge you to make your own model of an International Space Station for Design Technology!

View  of U.K. from the International Space Station



Set some coding challenges for yourself and others. Can you move another person from one side of the room to the other, avoiding barriers? Have a look at the powerpoint below to support. Use appropriate language of forward, backward, left, right, half turn, whole turn, quarter turn, right angle turn.