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18th May Monday

Good morning everyone! It looks like the weather is going to warm up again this week, so hopefully you can enjoy the weather lots before Half Term! Before we start, please make sure you have read the information on the Week 5 Home Learning page, about White Rose and our English focus this week. 

Click here to watch Weekly Hello from Mrs Willgoose

Did you also see the staff complete their lockdown challenge last week? A silly video. Find it on the Year Group pages - Staff  Challenges. 



Finish reading the Iron Man (scanned copy below if needed). 

This week we will review the whole story of The Iron Man, testing children’s comprehension and ensuring their familiarity with the story in preparation for news reports later in the week. 

LO: I can answer questions about the Iron Man.

Please complete: Chapter 5 Reading Comprehension, as attached below. Note the answers down in your book, if you're not printing.



Add and subtract 2- and 3-digit numbers

White Rose Video Add and Subtract 2 and 3 digit numbers

Make sure you watch the video, with some scrap paper to practice, as you go along. 

White Rose sheets as below, for ensuring you really understand this learning objective.

If you fancy something different, why not set up a addition and subtraction treasure hunt around the garden / home? Cut out the individual  addition / subtraction questions and ask someone to place them around. Can you find and answer them all in a set time? Time to set is up to you! Questions (plus answers) attached below.

If you do this though, and not the White Rose, please make sure you have watched the video at least, completing any activities within in, as this will cover the Maths objective comprehensively.


I've attached a music lesson from the National Oak Academy.

Music - to beatbox using rhythmic patterns


Last week I received a photo from F doing amazing gymnastic moves.

What exercise can you do today? Watch this clip to inspire you: 

BBC Clip The importance of fitness

I've attached a P.E. choice of exercise lessons from Joe Wicks if you need them.

Joe Wicks P.E. Workouts