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17. Tuesday 12th May

Phonics- follow a lesson from our Phonics page. Remember to follow them in order and if you have watched all of the lessons try practising an alternative spelling for one of the sounds. You should spend 20 minutes on Phonics.

Writing- look at the 'Great Barrier Reef- What am I?' powerpoint attached below. Choose up to 3 animals you would like to find out more about write down the facts from the powerpoint about your 3 animals. Try and write in full sentences remembering punctuation! If possible put the facts in your own words rather than just copy directly from the powerpoint. You may use the template attached or present your work in another format if you want. Draw a picture of the animals once you have finished your writing. Spend 10 minutes looking through the powerpoint and then allow 30 minutes of your child to write, anymore and they may become tired and lose focus.


Summer term, week 3: Lesson 2, Fact Families- linking addition and subtraction. Worksheet attached at bottom of page. 30-40 minutes should be spent on this activity.

Reading- On Tuesday's we usually visit the school library. Choose a story from your books at home and read it with a parent or sibling.

Art/DT- Create your ‘Great Barrier Reef’ in a shoe box. Explore the sensory qualities of the materials you have chosen, use tools and construct models with help. As you are working think about how you can make elements of your model stronger and stiffer. Keep your design criteria in mind throughout, and don’t forget who you’re making this habitat for!

Homework- spellings. Practise in home learning/ spelling books or on Spelling Shed.










(Tips: bold letters make a cluster sound. For the word smudge I would explain that the 'g' makes the 'j' sound which you first saw 2 weeks ago in word giant. And the 'e' is silent. This is not an easy word to sound out phonetically but this may help.)