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14th May Thurs WEEK 4

Happy Thursday everyone. Nearly the weekend. You're doing great!

I'm in school today, so there will be no blog.


Today is Arithmetic.  How much can do you do in 10 minutes? Time yourself! Miss out the ones you can't do and return to them if you have time!

White Rose

Lesson 4 - Multiplication and division problem solving

Accompanying sheet is titled 'Scaling'.

Feel free to use the Bitesize resources instead, for the daily lesson (they match) which are linked on the White Rose link above!


Have a refresh with your handwriting; use the sheet below if you like. How are the joins coming along? Which joins do you find harder?


Then Big Write day!

L.O. I can write a newspaper report

Using your plan from yesterday, can you write up your newspaper report in neat, adding any extra detail, as relevant? Make sure it has newspaper features!

Use the success criteria and the word mat, as attached below, to support you. 

You can use the template if you need to, but if you want to draw your own picture and write your own headline, you will need to write in your book.

Please, please send in your writing. I shall try and send my telepathic powers so you receive my happy thoughts when I receive the Big Writes!

Then, if you're up for some History ..... 

See the powerpoint attached and Journey to the Moon.

Cut out the stages of the moon journey and stick on your route map or draw and label your own route map yourself..... OR .....

Even better, get out there, look at and wonder at the moon and think of happy thoughts and our wonderful universe!

.... and if you're feeling very keen , do both!

Mrs Clay tomorrow, so I'll see you next week, the final week before Half Term. Have a great weekend!