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14. Thursday 7th May

Phonics- follow a lesson from our Phonics page. Remember to follow them in order and if you have watched all of the lessons try practising an alternative spelling for one of the sounds.

Writing- BIG WRITE. Use your plan from yesterday to write an informal letter about saving the oceans. Spend 20-30 minutes on it, unsupported, then have a little dance afterwards. Just Dance on youtube or are good.

  • Use word mats to help with spelling.
  • Vary sentence structure, don't always start with the same word.
  • Best handwriting
Make sure you send me your big write please


Maths- watch Lesson 4- problem solving. complete sheet attached below

Geography- Obj: To use geographical vocabulary to describe the physical features of the Great Barrier Reef.

Where about is the Great Barrier Reef, locate on a map. Write about the Physical features there.

Task: Make a poster about the Great Barrier Reef, draw a picture of it and label the physical features on it.

Storytime- hopefully you participated in our story book vote this morning. Look on the 'work from home' page for a reading of the winning book to end our Thursday.

Homework- please make sure you are still reading to a parent everyday!