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13th May Weds WEEK 4

Have you checked out all the fantastic learning on the Gallery of our Summer Term Home Learning Page? Feel free to send things in to share your amazing learning too, before Half Term.

Hello from Mrs Willgoose Video Message:

Video Message from Mrs Willgoose

Please note I talk about  planning for the next two weeks for Robots before half term in the video, when it is in fact only 1 week until half term! Apologies! 

Feedback from your Big Write last week.


There's a couple of revision tasks on division on Purplemash, as a refresher about division. Then:

Lesson 3 - Divide a 2 digit number by a 1 digit number

Accompanying questions below. Feel free to look instead at the BBC Bitesize resources instead to teach the same concept. Try to watch the videos though to see how the methods are taught.



Spelling powerpoint is below. I shall put the new spellings on Spelling Shed. Or spelling sheets as below, if you need them. How did you get on with last weeks? I have set some of you some other words, so practice these as a priority over the '3A Week1' words. If you're fine with the words I've set you, then you can start to practise the '3A Week 1' words.

Then: L.O. I can plan a newspaper report

You need to plan your own newspaper reports to include all the features you are focusing on. This is intended to be used to support your Big Write tomorrow.

Look at Chapter 4 of The Iron Man again.

You are going to be doing a newspaper report on it.

What questions would you like to know if it happened today?

What would you ask the people who were actually there?

For a newspaper, factual events should be included. These events need to be in order. Past tense is to be used.

English Planning Sheet templates - Choose which one is best suited to you, which you will work from tomorrow, when you do your Big Write. Write out your plan, ready for tomorrow.


RE - See powerpoint below for the scripture. Think about the ways people use the energy, the gifts the Holy Spirit gives, in fulfilling Jesus’ mission to serve others. Show how, during this time of separation and lockdown, people are energised to serve others. Maybe by nursing, shopping for the vulnerable, making scrubs, running errands, staying home. All of these require energy and commitment to do. You could share a photo, take a photo, do a poster, make a powerpoint etc. Up to you how you share your ideas!