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12th May Tuesday WEEK 4

Hello everyone!

To start you off, have a look at last week's challenge :-) Thanks to everyone who joined in the fun. I always love seeing your photos and things you've been doing.

Marathon Challenge Year 3


Today is times tables day! Revise a times table you know you need to work on. Some of you may appreciate a harder challenge as attached below. Others may like to go on Purplemash, where I've set various multiplication games and challenges for you, as a 2DO, including one which is like the 'Year 4 Times Tables Check', which you will do next year. Why don't you start to practise now!


White Rose Maths - Multiply 2 Digits by 1 Digit

Questions and answers for this are attached below (the school has subscribed)



Spelling Test is available on Spelling Shed. See how you get on. You could always get someone to test you. Look at last Wednesday's page for the words to be tested on, if you're not sure. Have you started to get more right than you did when you first tried them? Remember, it's all about progress and then trying to retain them!

The Iron Man

Today children will describe the Space Bat Angel Dragon and events of the Chapter.

Recap on chapter 4. Who do we meet? What do they look like? Can you use any similes to describe them?

Draw a picture of the Space-Bat-Angel Dragon on a piece of paper or in your book.

Around the picture, write:

  • what it looks like.
  • What does it do?
  • How do we meet this character?

Try to use verbs, adverbs and similes in your description of the Space-Bat-Angel-Dragon.


Art - Research artist Eric Joyner. Create a sketch, picture or painting in the style of Eric Joyner.  Perhaps you could use your sketch book. Remember to label the artist your drawing is linked to. See powerpoint attachment below.


Computing - Coding

Watch the video link if you have not seen it.

Coding - Programming Robots to Play Football

Continue to develop your coding skills using the rest  of the coding resources on Purplemash. If you haven't been on yet, I set a coding activity last week to get you started.