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1.Monday 11th May

Good Morning, 

I hope you all had a lovely bank holiday weekend. 

This weeks challenge is for the class to walk a marathon between them, the idea is if everyone does a mile between us we would have walked a marathon. We did it as a staff as Mrs Hubbard in Year 5 was due to run the London Marthon. When you have walked your mile (if you can get outside) send me a picture with the caption 'I walked a mile but together we can walk a marathon'. This could be today's exercise for PE.

Here is my picture, we went on a rainy day. 

SPaG- Please test your child on their spelling test. This week's SPaG is linked to their spellings and is on apostrophes for contraction. See the booklet below to work through. 

Mathematics- Week 1- Lesson 4- Measure Length (m) (see email for worksheet) 

 Measure Length (m) Video Link

I feel like the novelty of Purple Mash is wearing off a bit so I will go on it twice a week. This week I will be on Wednesday and Thursday as I am in school Monday and Tuesday this week (1-1:45pm). I will see how that goes, I think the children have found other ways to stay in touch but its nice for me to say hello to them as well. 

Have a great day, 

Mrs Osborn