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Good Morning Year 2, 

I hope you all had a lovely weekend. Today please have a go at the spelling test and then move onto the SPaG work. In SPaG I would like the children to look at the missing punctuation  PowerPoint  then complete the sheet. Please try the 2 star sheet unless your child wants a challenge then try the 3 star sheet. 

This week in Mathematics we will be learning about position and direction. We will not be using the White Rose videos and sheets to go with this but use Primary Stars Education instead. The PowerPoint uploaded is for the whole week. Today is Lesson 1 Describing Movement- Practical. Please look through just lesson 1 slides it will end with a reasoning slide. 

Task 1 Children will be given a simple set of instructions to follow. See Memory Instruction Sheet attached. Go outside or find a space in your house to do this. The children may record their start and end point on a 2D grid (use the Template-Grid attached). If you want to make it harder for your child give them more instructions to follow. 

Task 2:  Children will use the words forwards, backwards, left and right to write a set of instructions for someone else in your family to follow. They will then record their start and end point on a 2D grid. (See Practical Movement) It is important children understand the impact that the starting direction will have on whether ‘forwards’ or ‘backwards’ is used. The children can use terminology like move, steps, forward, backwards, up, down, left and right. 

Please look at the whole school learning page for a task to do this afternoon. 

Have a lovely day. I miss you all, 

Mrs Osborn