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Good Morning Year 2, 

English- Please try this week's spelling test, I will be checking Spelling Shed and sending out certificates this morning. 

For SPaG today I would like the children to recap using adjectives. Watch this video on BBC Bitesize to remind yourself what an adjective is. Video Link There is an activity on the webpage and a quiz.

Then complete the 'Explorer Adjectives' (sheet uploaded on attachments). On the worksheet there is 3 different levels of work. Can the children do the two star worksheet, this has a word bank of adjectives they can use at the bottom. If your child wants a challenge they can try the three star sheet. This one doesn't have a word bank at the bottom of the sheet so they will need to think of their own adjectives. I am hoping that they will then use more adjectives in their writing this week by doing this worksheet today. 

Mathematics- Multiplication sentences using the X symbol. Video Link. The worksheet to support this video has been emailed out to you.  

I have uploaded as an attachment a different option for Mathematics if you feel your child would like to try something new. It also has a mixture of fluency and problem solving questions. Please click on 'Year 2 diving into mastery multiplication sentences...'

Remember to choose a Whole School Learning task for this afternoon. 

Have a great day, 

Mrs Osborn