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1. Monday 8th June 2020

Good morning Year 5- it's Monday again. Click here for a Monday morning message from me.

I'd like you to start the week by thinking of somebody in Year 5 that you are going to contact this week. You could give them a call, drop them an email, facetime them, write a letter or drop by for a doorstep visit. It would be great if you contacted somebody that you haven't been in touch with since we finished school in March. Drop me an email with your plans- who are you going to contact and how are you going to do it. 

English- start your work this morning with some questions on Do your very best, all the questions will really help you in Year 6 next year. There are a few of you that haven't completed the task from last week, I shall drop you a reminder email today.

This week we are not going to read the next chapter of The Firework Maker's Daughter, our work on Chapter 5 is going to continue. 

Your task today is to revisit chapter 5 (look back to Tuesday 2nd June if you would like to read it again with me). 

Using Chapter 5 brainstorm what Razvani said to Lila. Draw Lila in the middle of your page and make notes on all the things that Razvani said to her. 

Next I would like you to write out the conversation using speech marks correctly. Remember to start a new line when a new person starts to speak. Think of alternatives for "said", so that you vary your writing. I have added a word-mat at the bottom of the page that you could use. Punctuation is really important, make sure you are using it correctly. Click here to remind yourself of how to use punctuation in speech.

Maths- start your maths learning today with an arithmetic sheet. It is attached at the bottom of the page. It is arithmetic number 15.

For maths today we are going to be extending our knowledge on decimals as fractions. Click here to watch the video. I have added the questions at the bottom of the page. I have added an extra worksheet for you to try if you have time.

Have a wonderful day- work hard and enjoy your learning.