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1. Monday 6th July

Good morning Year 2 I hope you have all had a great weekend. 

Today in SPaG I would like you to revisit using noun phrases. Please use the PowerPoint and then complete the worksheet. Please try the two start worksheet, unless you would like a challenge then try the three star worksheet. 

In Mathematics we are going to be learning to tell the time. The children will need their own clock, please see attachment 'Create a clock'. Use this with the PowerPoint slides this week. Today just use the slides for 'Lesson 1'. Once you have finished the lesson 1 slides please complete the worksheets 'O'clock and half past'. Please do pages 3-6, there are challenge cards on Page 7. 

This afternoon please choose a task from the whole school project. 

Have a lovely day, I am looking forward to seeing some of you after school today:) 

Mrs Osborn