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1. Monday 4th May

Good morning Year 5- I hope you all had a fabulous weekend.

Good mornig from Mrs O'Neil.

I hope you have all managed to watch our Rainbow movie with all your lovely messages for each other. I have another challenge for you this week! We could compete a marathon together just like the staff  did last week. I would like you all to get out and run, walk, scoot, hop or skip one mile. If you cannot leave the house at the moment then just like Captain Tom you could complete laps of your garden instead. When you have finished your mile please send me a picture. You can email me a picture on Purple Mash or your could send it to Team work is dream work, we can do this together!

English- Complete a task on to start with.

This week we will be reading Chapter 3 on Tuesday and Wednesday and then on Wednesday we are going to write an argument.

For your task today I would like you to create a mind map picture of ideas. Lila is travelling through forests and crossing rivers in order to reach Mount Merapi. We know that lots of forest and mountain areas around the world are being destroyed- why do you think that happens? How do you think the forests are looked after? On your map of ideas draw a forest and add your thoughts and ideas about how and why they are destroyed and what is being done to protect them. Try and expand on each idea to add plenty of detail. You could do some research about preserving forests and mountain areas.

Maths- Complete Arithmetic number 9.

For maths today you will be completing lesson 1 for this week- Multiply 2 digit numbers

The link will take you to the video but you will need to access the worksheets from the resources section at the bottom of this page. The answer sheet is attached too.

It would be great to do some art work this afternoon, this is a fabulous painting of a volcano. What do you think? Look carefully at the colours used and how you can see the brush strokes. Think how you could recreate this painting, you could use a variety of materials. Send me photo of your art work so that we can show the rest of the class.

There are lots of ideas for completing some work on volcanoes on the previous page.