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1. Monday 29th June 2020

Happy Monday Year 5! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend and managed to do lots of relaxing and chilling in the garden. Arthur gets very hot in the sun and he loves having an ice lolly for a treat, he eats it in about 10 seconds. 

Let's get the tenth week of the summer term off to a flying start. You all worked so hard last week, let's hope we can all do the same this week.

Start you Monday learning with a session on The more you improve your grammar, the better your writing will be. There were quite a few of your who didn't complete your grammar last week, make sure you start this week on a positive note and complete the task. 

We are going to start our English work this week by reading the first part of Chapter 6- so you will need your copy of The Firework Maker's Daughter. Click here to read along with me.

Chulck is a great friend to Lila. Think about the character that Phillip Pullman creates. Draw a sketch of Chulack and think of words and phrases to describe his appearance and then his personality. Write a list of the things that Chulack does in the story. Finally write a paragraph about how you think Chulack has changed in the story so far.

Maths- let's start with some arithmetic. I have added the sheets at the bottom in the resources. 

Today we will be measuring with a protractor- click here to watch the video and I have added the resources at the bottom of the page. I have added an extra page of angles for you to measure- it is really good to practice.