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1. Monday 1st June 2020

Good morning Year 5- happy first day back.

Unfortunately we won't be able to have a blog each day now except for Thursday. I am in the classroom with the Key Worker children every day now, but Mrs Clay will be able to do one on a Thursday. please still drop me an email on Purple Mash, I will catch up with them at the end of each day to try and help you. 

English- please complete some to start the morning. 

Read the first part of Chapter 5 here.

This week we are going to be writing an informal letter. To start your thinking look at the Powerpoint attached about writing letters. Next create a spider diagram of all the things that letters include. 

Highlight the features of a letter that were discussed on the powerpoint. Use the letter attached in the resources section. Label each feature that you have highlighted. Create and fill in a table to compare the different letters- one column for formal letters and one column for informal letters. Looking at structure and language used.

Maths- complete an arithmetic sheet, do your very best. 

Watch the video on multiplying unit and non unit fractions- click here

The worksheets are attached at the bottom of the page. 

Have a lovely day- I will catch your email after school today.