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1. Monday 18th May 2020

Good morning Year 5- I hope you enjoyed the weekend. Weekends always go so quickly and then it's Monday again and back to learning.

Please send me a ten second video of you doing something funny, silly, practising a skill. There does not need to be any sound as I will add music to the whole thing. Think of some fun things to do- I have an idea already. Please send me your videos by Friday 22nd- then I can create a video over half term.

This week our topic work is going to help us learn how mountains are formed and also the features of mountains. There are lots of activities for you to do on the main page for this week.

Let's start the day with some English. Kick off by developing your SPaG skills and log on to to complete some questions. 

This week we are going to write a suspense story, so today we are going to look at the features of a suspense story- the ingredients we need to be a great story writer. To start you thinking watch the powerpoint attached at the bottom of the page.

For your main task I would like you to create a map of the features of suspense writing, I have added an example at the bottom of the page. Think about the features you learnt about in the powerpoint and also the features that Malorie Blackman talked about in her interview.


Maths- please start with an arithmetic test- you are sending me fabulous scores, I am so proud of you. Amazing! It is test number 12- attached in the answers below, the answers are attached too.

For your main maths task to I would like you to watch the video on adding and subtracting  fractions- click here. Then complete the worksheets on adding fractions. I have added a page from Target your Maths if you would like an extra task to do. Decide which section you would like to do, depending on how confident you feel. 

Monday is our favourite afternoon, as we usually complete some artwork. Today I would like you to look at the painting Surprised by Henri Rousseau. 


Look closely at the painting- click here. Using this link to the National Gallery you can zoom in on tiny parts of the painting to really look at it in detail. Zoom in on a part of the painting that interests you- I like to zoom in on the tiger's head and look at the detail that the artist used. Choose one square of the painting to recreate. You could use pencils, pens, paints or watercolours.

Finally for today- each day this week I'm going to set you a reading challenge. You can use the book that you are reading at the moment or you could use The Firework Maker's Daughter. 

Challenge 1: Pick a descriptive word from the text, write it down and use a thesaurus to write down five synonyms and antonyms for that word. (If you don't have a thesaurus, you will find one online).