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1. Monday 15th June 2020

Let's get some Monday morning vibes going! Monday motivation- don't forget to be awesome.

This week we can have a great week of learning- make sure that every day you are doing some exercise- go for a walk or a cycle, play some games in the garden, meet a friend for a social distance jog around the park. My exercise every day is to take Arthur for a walk in the evening- he loves walking now.

Start today by logging onto and developing those grammar skills so that Mrs Holt will be super impressed in September when you start Year 6. Your scores are going up every week which is really going to help you next year.

This week we are going to work towards writing some instructions on Friday. Today we are going to remind ourselves about the features of instructions and how we use them. Follow the powerpoint, it tells you about the features of instructions and it also gives you a set of instructions for Lila and Chulack. You task is to read through the worksheet of instructions and highlight all the features that you can find. You could try out the instructions, it might be nice to create a five a day tasting plate for your family!

Maths need to be switched on ready to go- start with some arithmetic. I am hearing such amazing things about your arithmetic scores- I think we would have full membership of our 36 club! Your arithmetic is attached at the bottom of the page.

Your maths learning today is to understand percentages- click here to watch the video and the worksheets and answers are attached at the bottom of the page.

This afternoon have some fun with some whole school learning tasks- there are loads to try. There are some great Art and Design ideas looking at the work of Frida Kahlo, her work is bright and very colourful. I have some of her prints at home that I want to use when I change our bathroom!