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1. Monday

Good Morning, 


Phonics today is the alternative sound for the grapheme 'ow' as in 's-n-ow'. Click here to see the letters and sounds video. 

Please join Mrs Hadley on Teams at 8:40 to say good morning and explain the work for the first lesson. 

Please do the spelling test from last week's spellings and send me your results to the one drive. 

The spellings were; right, bright, light, night, fright, tight, high, I, by and my. I have attached this weeks spellings to learn below, these are also live on Spelling Shed as of today. 

In SPaG today we will be learning about verbs. You will be finding them in sentences and then cutting out words and building your own verb sentences. See attachment 'Verbs Monday'. 

I will NOT be on teams at 9:30 and 9:45 to hear today's readers, I will do this tomorrow (Tuesday) afternoon instead. 

Please join Mrs Hadley on Teams at 11 to explain today's RE work. 

Click here to see the RE Power Point. Attached are 2 leaf templates for the children to write their Lenten promise on. Can you make sure the children write their name on their leaf template, it will make it easier when we print them out at school for our display. The second task is a talking task so their is no sheet attached for this. 

This afternoon please complete your Mathematics and choose something active to do. 

A Mathematics warm up game. Using the link below to make two, two digit numbers below 50 using the base 10 equipment on screen. And ask your child to identify which is the biggest and which is the smallest. They could test you too. Click here

In Mathematics we will be ordering numbers to 50. It is a practical lesson, you will select cards and order them on the board according to the instruction. Please watch the Power Point video before you start your work, Click here.

If you child finds it hard to know which number is bigger or smaller you could build the numbers using something to represent your tens and ones in each number. Like we have done throughout this topic. 

Depending on the board chosen the children will order numbers using the words 'smallest' and 'greatest' or the comparison signs. They will use their knowledge of numbers to 50 to predict where they think the numbers will be placed. They might need to change their numbers on the board as they go to make sure they are in the correct order. (When you see the board it will make sense). 

One star (circle group) will order three numbers using the words 'smallest' and 'greatest'.

Two stars (triangle, square and rectangle groups) will order 4 numbers and may progress to ordering numbers using comparison signs. 

Three stars (hexagon and star groups) will order 4 numbers using the comparison signs. 

Have a lovely day and I will see you all tomorrow. 

Mrs Osborn