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1. Monday

Good Morning Year 1, I hope you all had a lovely weekend.

Happy 6th Birthday to Molly.B who had her birthday over the weekend:) I hope you had a lovely day celebrating! 

Please join me on teams at 8:40 to explain today's work. 

I am going to reschedule this morning's reading group to this afternoon. If you normally read at 9:30 please join me at 1:30. If you normally read at 9:45 please join me at 1:45. Thank you! 

Phonics-Phonics today is the 'au' sound. Please watch the video Click here. There is also a word search attached for the children to find 'au' words. 

English- Please do your child's spelling test: sea, dream, meat, each, scream, read, head, bread, meant, instead. I have attached the spellings to learn this week below. 

Then move onto the punctuation work. Today they children will be learning to use exclamation marks. Please see the sheets attached below. Click here to see the Power Point video. 

Please join me on teams at 11am for today's mathematics lesson. We will be learning about related facts. 

Today's work is a practical activity requiring children to select a counter card or ten frame card and build it on the ten frame board. They will then find as many addition and subtraction related facts as they can. See attachment below 'Practical- Related Facts'. 

Please join me on teams at 12:40 to explain today's RE work. 

 Click here to see today's Power Point video. After you have listened to the story from Luke's Gospel, you will need to retell the story either using a story board/map like Mrs Hadley's. Or you can make finger puppets to retell the story. I have attached a picture below from the story incase you want to cut out the characters and use them as finger puppets. 

Have a lovely day, 

Mrs Osborn