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1. Monday

Good Morning, 

Please join me on teams at 8:35, I will explain this morning's work. I will also do an introduction to the punctuation work. 

Today we will be doing; Phonics, Spellings, Punctuation, Mathematics and RE. 

Phonics- Today in phonics the children will be learning the 'oy' sound. Please click here to see the video. If you wish to play a game with the 'oy' sound, please click on the attachment below 'oy sounds connect five activity...'.

Spellings- Please test your child on the spellings learnt last week and let me know how they got on by uploading this to their one drive folder. 

Punctuation- In today's lesson they will be adding capital letters and full stops to sentences (this sheet is in your pack). I have added a 'How to write letters...' below if your child isn't sure what the letters may look like as capital letters. There isn't a powerpoint to this but I will go over this with the children on teams at 8:35. 

Please join me at 11am on teams for Mathematics.

Mathematics- Today we are learning to add by making ten. Please join me at 11 so I can show the children how you can add by making 10 on a tens frame. Please bring along a whiteboard, whiteboard pen and a tens frame template. 

Afterwards I would like the children to play a game to make number bonds to 10, show the children a tens frame with numbers 1-10. Around the room put the numbers 1-10. When you show your child the tens frame are they able to find the correct card that would make 10? 

After this please complete the sheet below 'Add by making 10'. First they need to make ten on the tens frame, then write this as a number sentence. The second part of the sheet, the children need to think of alternative number sentences. E.g. It shows 8+4=12. On the tens frames next to it they need to fill in 12 and then write this as a number sentence looking at the tens and ones. So 10+2=12. I will show the children how to do this during the live session. 

Please join me at 12:40 on teams to play a game to help the children with their RE work this afternoon. 

RE- In RE our topic is special people. Today we are going to be thinking about special people who help us at church. Please join me at 12:50 on teams to play a game and then I would like the children to complete the sheet attached. They need to circle the person or people who do that job in church. See attachment 'Special job at church'. 

UPDATE- I am unable to share the game online so I have pre recorded me playing the game for the children to see Click here to see the video. 

Don't forget to upload the work to the one drive folder. 

Have a lovely day, 

Mrs Osborn