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0.Weeks 3-5 Under the Sea

Please see the attached document 'Week 3 to 5 overview to see what we will be learning over the next 3 weeks. 

We are going to been finding out about the Great Barrier Reef, what is there and what animals you will find there. You we need a shoe box or something similar for our Design Technology project, we are going to create the Great Barrier Reef in a shoe box. You could use a cereal box and cut the top off of it. Just keep your box to one side, this will be needed in week 2. 

We are going to continue using White Rose Mathematics, this is no longer free to use but our school has paid so we can continue using it. We have had lots of positive feedback from parents using White Rose Mathematics. You can still access the videos for free, but the worksheets after Summer Term- Week 2 will be emailed to you by me. Please let me know if there is a problem printing and I can sort something out for you. 

Click on the tabs on this page to see the work each day.