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Having my jabs in the Easter holidays means I can now go for a walk, read about my first experience here!

So I told you the good news about my jabs in the Easter holidays- well Mrs O'Neil told me it was good news. They bought me a posh new red harness and lead (I'm surprised it wasn't leopard print, there are leopards in every room in our house). The sun was shining and we set off for our first "walk". It was not very exciting, all you do is walk! The picture shows me opposite our house- I just sat down and refused to go any further. Now they take me our twice a day- csn you believe it! I am still not keen, I am told that I will get to love it, I hope so because I totally love being in the garden. My family have changed the name now, we don't go for a WALK we go for a DRAG!