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My First Blog!

It's good to be back!

Today I had the joy of going home with a bright child called Eirinn. It has been so long since I was with the last Year 4 class and I miss them, but I know I will love the new one.

In the school day I had 4 favourite events, here is a list of them:

1) We designed a new bench for Mr Stink, my owner.

2) At playtime everyone came and gave me a scratch.

3) At lunchtime I played hide and seek with Izzabella and Eirinn and I had a nap. And...

4) Acting in the Stars Suite (I sat next to Eirinn, Izzabella and Meghan).

As you can see I had a packed day, but that was not all, there was quite a bitmore but it's hard to remember. I am so lazy.

Soon it was hometime after a long day, I was so excited to leave school. Eirinn's grandmother Maureen picked us up, I took a fancy to her! In no time at all she had whizzed us home and into the back garden where Eirinn's sister, Faith, was waiting to jump out on us!

Soon we had dropped our bags and we started wandering what to do. We both had a great idea, and rushed outside to the trampoline. I did spins and flips in the air, just like Eirinn. Not long after that we decided to climb a tree with Faith, but in no time at all it was 4:30pm and Eirinn's other sister Jude was at the station and needed to be picked up.

When we returned home we watched Mermaids and ate strawberries, which I enjoyed!

For dinner we had; gravy, jacket potato, pork chop and a special juice ( not as good as sausages but still yummy).

For the rest of the night we both used Eirinn's microscope and then went to bed. I loved staying at Eirinn's house, I hope I can go back soon. Who will be next to have me? Tomorrow is a mystery.

Eirinn helped me to write my blog!